Please telephone the surgery for appointments for any of the following clinics:

Asthma Clinic
The Practice Nurses offer Asthma appointments 5 days per week.

Cervical Smears
The Practice strongly advise all women between the ages of 24-65 years to have a routine smear every 3 years. The Practice Nurses offer these appointments 5 days per week.

Coronary Heart Disease Clinic ( CHD)
The CHD clinic is run by Sister Weston and operates on a doctor referral basis.

Cryotherapy Clinic
The Cryotherapy Clinic is run by Sister Moore and usually works on a doctor referral basis. The clinic is on a Friday afternoon.

Diabetic Clinic
The Diabetic leads in the Practice are Dr Choi and Sister Ryan.

Family Planning
Dr Clark leaves the practice in June 2016, and we will therefore no longer be able to offer IUCD or implant services. Should you require these services, please contact City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust, or contact us for details of alternative service locations.

If you require a repeat prescription for your current contraceptive method, please continue to make an appointment with any of the Practice Nurses.  Free condoms remain available from Practice Nurses.

Flu Vaccinations
The Practice runs a Flu Immunisation Programme in October of each year. Look out for details in Practice News.

The ante-natal clinics are run by the Midwives on a Thursday and Friday here at the surgery.
Post Natal exams are carried out by the GP on a Tuesday afternoon during the Baby Clinic.

Minor Surgey
Minor Operations are carried out in the surgery and are arranged by Elsie Ritchie – Deputy Manager. These appointments operate on a doctor referral basis.

Smoking Cessation Clinic
Jenny Welford and Sister Weston are the Smoking Cessation Advisors. They have appointments throughout the week.

The Spirometry Clinic is run by Sister Weston and operates on a doctor referral basis.

Travel Vaccinations

We are no longer able to offer Travel Vaccinations.  Please ask to speak to the Deputy Practice Manager if you have any questions in relation to this matter.

Warfarin Clinic
The Warfarin Service is run by Sister Weston and operates on a doctor referral basis.

Weight Management
Sister Ryan and Sue Walmsley HCA can refer patients to the local Weight Management Programme which introduces a healthier lifestyle.

Well Baby Clinic
This is held on a Tuesday afternoon when Childhood Immunisations are given by the Practice Nurses and 8 week checks are done by a GP.
We no longer have a Health Visitor in attendance at these sessions.

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